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W.B. Fowler provides home and business with customized conveying systems, wood lifts, and dumbwaiters. Our products are efficient and safe, and feature easy custom installation. The WoodWaiter and HandyWaiter are mini elevators for the vertical lift of firewood, groceries, food, supplies…

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Fowler Industries
started out as a machine shop almost 50 years ago, but have things ever changed!

In 1983, tired of carrying firewood up the stairs of their 150 year old home Bruce got down to work solving the problem. He came up with the WoodWaiter. Now all he had to do was load the basket, turn a key and go up to unload the basket. No mess, no fuss! A lot of other people thought the same way and wanted one. The demand for the lift changed the direction of the machine shop. In the best example of good timing their son was born the same year, so all the necessary safety features have been there from the start. People now use the WoodWaiter for wood, groceries, luggage, home offices…

In 1997, by popular demand, and a recollection of gentler times past, the HandyWaiter was developed.

The HandyWaiter can go up to 40' and can stop at up to four levels. As with the WoodWaiter it is used for a multitude of purposes: to cart food and supplies in restaurants; groceries from the garage to the kitchen above books or files in businesses; linens and such in Bed & Breakfasts; toast and tea, or champagne and caviar to the master suite…

Now, both the WoodWaiter and the HandyWaiter are shipped all over North America and, always trying to make life easier, we are working on options for our lifts. The most popular being a roll out cart that can further simplify life BUT even with all this we still do custom machining and many emergency repairs for the locals. This includes rebuilding parts for antique cars.

Tempus fugit! That son, Matthew, who was born the same year as the WoodWaiter is now in charge of the electronics in the HandyWaiter division.

In their spare time Diane & Bruce take care of their fledgling vineyard; their sugar bush where they make their own all natural maple syrup; build airplanes and help friends get their vintage vehicles shipshape. They are very active in the community and have friends all over North America.

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WB FOWLER Testimonials

" "I purchased a customized wood-waiter from you back in late 2003 or early 2004. I found it easy to install and it fit perfectly in our..."
- Dave Falle

" "Mr. Fowler Thank you for the spare parts we needed for our Wood Waiter. I have to say that this Wood Waiter purchased in the spring of 1984,..."
- Milford Banks

" "We’ve used our Woodwaiter steadily through the longest and coldest Vermont winter in our experience, and it hasn’t failed us!..."
- Deborah Krasner

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